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Group Fitness Classes

I have designed the group class to have progressions for each exercise performed, so as you advance the difficulty of the exercise can be increased.  This is done to accommodate clients of different fitness levels giving everyone a challenging workout.  Kickboxing, suspension trainers, undulation ropes, weights, core & balance training are examples of some of the stations that will be in the workout. You will need to bring a towel and water.  

Private Group Fitness

Do have a small group of friends that are looking for a particular time to workout together?  Call me and we can schedule a time to make it happen.

Private Fitness Training

Personal Training
It is hard to beat one on one fitness training.  I train athletes who have specific training goals and clients of all ages who prefer to workout in private.

Corrective Exercise 
Clients who have physical limitations, movement compensations and/or poor posture will benefit from this one on one training. I want to get your body structurally sound and moving as efficiently as possible.  I will educate you on proper form and which exercises will be best to perform to safely reach your goals.  I will be working on your posture to get your muscles in the proper length to allow your joints to function efficiently and alleviate any pain you may be experiencing.  You will perform core stability and balance exercises giving you a solid foundation to function upon.  Your cardiovascular system will be challenged to increase endurance and combat diseases.  Your body will be comprised of more lean muscle and less body fat. 


Fitness Assessment

A fitness assessment can help determine your current level of fitness.  It also provides information that aids in developing a program to meet your needs. 

The fitness assessment measures:

  • Body fat   
  • Muscle strength
  • Muscle endurance
  • Posture and movement assessment  
  • Circumference measurements
  • Blood Pressure

Group Class assessment includes

  • Body fat
  • Circumference measurements (waist, hip & thighs)
  • Blood pressure    
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