Private & Group Fitness Training

Frequently Asked Questions

Will your program cause women to bulk up?
No, my program will have women losing inches.  Gaining muscle is a good thing. It makes you stronger and raises your metabolism, which burns fat.  Muscle takes up less space than fat, so women who follow his program will gain a lean toned look.

Am I too old to start training now?
It is never too late to start.  The benefits that you will gain from my program can be enjoyed young and old.
How long does each session last?
Private sessions and group classes are 45 minutes.

Why is core stability so important?
A weak stabilization system will lead to movement compensations that could eventually lead to pain or injury.  A person needs to be stable to move efficiently.   

What benefits will I receive from balance training?
The main benefit is joint stabilization during movement.  It is important to strengthen the muscles that are responsible for stabilizing the joints of your body.  This provides stability and protection to the joints. 


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